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Equipment Selection For Olympic 2024

World Sailing organization has opened the invitation for bids among member national authorities for hosting sea trials that would help determine the equipment to be used in the Olympic Sailing competition to be held in Paris 2024, for the one person dinghy events for men and women. Sea trials would soon be taking place which would be instrumental in selecting the equipment. Four boats would be shortlisted during this evaluation and re-evaluation process. These are D-Zero offered by Devotti Sailing, Laser Standard and a sailboat of Laser Radial category as well as Melges 14 offered by Melges Boat Works and RS Aero offered by RS Sailing.

MNAs have sent out invites for proposals to be submitted. Those who submit proposals need to prove experience and also having sailing venues where they have hosted World Sailing events. The proposals would help World Sailing organization to arrange for trials with the necessary logistic and administration arrangements in place.

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Sail Newport’s New Facility

Natives of Newport, Rhode Island feel that sailing is as home to this region as whaling is to Nantucket Island or fishing is in Gloucester. Sailing is defined for this region and there are several reasons why. The history of this island includes several notable events such as the America’s Cup, this historic race had started from here in the thirties and continued till 1983. This location was fixed by the New York Yacht Club as they won the competition here 24 times, which was a record streak they had since 1857.

The record was broken in 1983 when an Australian boat won the tournament and many felt that it would spell the end of an era in Newport which had been associated with the start of the legendary America’s Cup every year before that. However Sail Newport was formed around the same time and it has helped to continue the sailing trend and community in Newport since then.

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Focus For America’s Cup 2021

The America’s Cup event does not end with a win, but leaves the winners with a commitment towards framing the protocols that need to be followed for the upcoming Cup.

Hence, when Team New Zealand made a spectacular win this year at the event that was held in Bermuda in June, they were given the commitment to work on the protocols of the upcoming event that would be held in 2021. Along with them the others who committed to help out in the framing of rules were challenger of record, the Italian team along with Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Yacht Club Sicilia.

Dalton, who was skipper of team New Zealand states that it is a big job as the event as well as the team’s requirements needs to be kept in mind. They were able to frame and get the basics done with a target to submit the final draft by the end of September. (more…)

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Amateur Tessato Sail Around The Globe

Tessa Hicks, the 59-year-old woman from Isles Road in Ramsbury, is all set to take on the seven seas.

She is set to take part in the 40,000 nautical mile Clippers Round the World Yacht Race. The irony here is that she has never set foot on a yacht and has taken up a big challenge of sailing all over the globe. It takes a lot of guts to sail for a few miles for a non sailor and she has decided to sail around the globe by taking part in the race that starts on August 20 from Albert Docks in Liverpool.

She will be in the seas for 11 months and for a woman who has not had any sailing time, this is going to be a heck of a challenge. She believes that this is an adventure of a lifetime and wants to take it. The 59-year-old Hicks will have many other people from all over the globe for companies. They are all amateur sailors looking to crew some 70 yachts. (more…)

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Super Yacht Seized Near Gibraltar

Even if you own the largest yacht in the world that might not save you from accidents or problems that might occur in international waters. The super yacht known as S/Y A spans 142.8 meters but this sailing yacht has been seized at the Gibraltar port after it left the shipyard it was built at in Nobiskrug.

The problem that occurred regarding payments for which the yacht has been detained, the sailing yacht left Kiel on the 5th of February in order to get more fit out works done as well as to undergo trials in the sea from Spain. These are part of the operations that will make the super yacht ready before it is handed over to the owner Andrei Melnichenkno, a Russian billionaire by the end of spring 2017. (more…)

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Ainslie Launches First Catamaran Of ACC

Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing (RBAR) has launched the first catamaran of the America’s Cup.

The name of the yacht is Rita and it is the end result of the work of 85,000 man hours who worked for more than years with a strong team of 120. Rita is the yacht that will be used by the British America’s Cup teams in the ACC yacht. The British team will use this boat in the championship and all the hopes of the team are laid on them only. (more…)

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Ahzai Smith At Bermuda Nationals

With the 2016 Bermuda National Optimist Championships having come to a close this weekend, the highlight has been on Ahzai Smith, who has had an incredible run in this regatta. Indeed, the sailing honors that he has gathered have been immense.

Last month this twelve years old was able to showcase his skills at the RenaissanceRe Junior Gold Cup. He stood in the seventh position where there had been a total of 41 competitors. At the Bermuda event that took place now he again emerged as the best competitor where there were about 70 sailors who competed. (more…)

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Annual conference of World Sailing 2016

Annual conference of World Sailing 2016 concluded on November 12 at Barcelona, Spain.

There were discussions happened, a debate took place and many decisions were taken with regards to sailing sports in future. The conference was attended by more than 1000 delegates from all over the world and number of decisions was taken on the occasion.

Various decisions were taken with regards to future of sailing sports like offshore sailing, the Olympic Games, Paralympic sailing, and planned priorities for coming years were made.

IOC agenda 2020

IOC Sports Department Pierre Fratter-Bardy presented Agenda 2020 in the conference. He outlined the roadmap of upcoming sports event Olympic. The agenda put the sailing athletes in front, unity in diversity. (more…)

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