Annual conference of World Sailing 2016

Annual conference of World Sailing 2016 concluded on November 12 at Barcelona, Spain.

There were discussions happened, a debate took place and many decisions were taken with regards to sailing sports in future. The conference was attended by more than 1000 delegates from all over the world and number of decisions was taken on the occasion.

Various decisions were taken with regards to future of sailing sports like offshore sailing, the Olympic Games, Paralympic sailing, and planned priorities for coming years were made.

IOC agenda 2020

IOC Sports Department Pierre Fratter-Bardy presented Agenda 2020 in the conference. He outlined the roadmap of upcoming sports event Olympic. The agenda put the sailing athletes in front, unity in diversity.

Fratter-Bardy described IOC aims, the aim of IOC is National Olympic Committees to participate in the Olympic Games, encourage the worth of rings and increase viewership. Fratter-Bardy presented statistics, how gender inequality is decreasing in the Olympics and by 2020 Olympic it should be 50/50 ration. World sailing has already endorsed the 50/50 gender equality in sailing sport. Some decisions were taken with regard to parasailing as well like what type of equipment should be used when the sport will be reintroduced in Olympic 2020.

World sailing committee heard all recommendations made by experts of the field and work through submissions.

Some major decisions were taken at the conference, which will be disclosed soon on a public platform. On the occasion world Council for sailing agreed on recommendations made by Offshore and Oceanic committee that is to start combined rating World Championship. The event International One Design and Viper 640 were approved for status of World Sailing. Some decisions were also taken with regards to approval of Neil Pryde CR: X and Nacra 15.

In the entire session Paralympic and its future were most talked about subject.