Ainslie Launches First Catamaran Of ACC

Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing (RBAR) has launched the first catamaran of the America’s Cup.

The name of the yacht is Rita and it is the end result of the work of 85,000 man hours who worked for more than years with a strong team of 120. Rita is the yacht that will be used by the British America’s Cup teams in the ACC yacht. The British team will use this boat in the championship and all the hopes of the team are laid on them only.

Wife of Ben Georgie Ainslie officially inaugurated the Rita and then it was lifted into the water. Rita will be technically designated as R1. Among the six teams that are participating in the ACC, the British team is the first one who has disclosed its yacht. The Rita will now compete in the challenge to claim the oldest trophy in of sailing – and it will probably be a few years before it is available as a Bareboat Charter in Split!?

Sharing his thought on the occasion, Ben Ainslie said, “It gives me immense pleasure to launch this boat. We are now finally able to launch the race boat. ACC tournament is a sailing race, but it is also a design race. Our team worked for long hours on this project, approximately two and half year and finally got this as an end result. Our designer, crew, builder of the boat and shore crew, everybody worked really hard.”

He further added that “It will be a great moment for all of us when our boat will land in the ACC tournament.

We all are delighted to see our boat in the water of Bermuda. Our team is a startup one and thus we have to work on everything from the beginning. Now, only few days are left for the start of the America’s Cup championship. We all are working to give final touch up to the boat. We all want that we land with the perfect boat in the water.”