Sail Newport’s New Facility

Natives of Newport, Rhode Island feel that sailing is as home to this region as whaling is to Nantucket Island or fishing is in Gloucester. Sailing is defined for this region and there are several reasons why. The history of this island includes several notable events such as the America’s Cup, this historic race had started from here in the thirties and continued till 1983. This location was fixed by the New York Yacht Club as they won the competition here 24 times, which was a record streak they had since 1857.

The record was broken in 1983 when an Australian boat won the tournament and many felt that it would spell the end of an era in Newport which had been associated with the start of the legendary America’s Cup every year before that. However Sail Newport was formed around the same time and it has helped to continue the sailing trend and community in Newport since then.

This is now the largest sailing center open to public in New England. Here adults as well as youngsters can enroll for sailing courses; the youth program that Sail Newport has seen about a thousand children enrolling every year. The club also has sailboats that are rented out hourly. It is a venue for sailboat races during summer weeknights. There are other services such as boat storage and hoist as well as local, regional and world class regatta events hosted every year.

Sail Newport has a new home now and that showcases the functionalities that are its mission. With meeting spaces and classrooms in the higher levels as well as staff offices, the roof has VHF antennas that serve as radios and ground level provides space for the J/22 boats to be stacked and rented out by the hour. The new facility provides more room for public access and for creating new programs for young recruits.