Are you a regular cruiser looking for best type of boats to invest in? Then investing in a widebeam narrowboat is the best choice. These boats are the best for communicating via inland waterways of UK. Comfortable to stay in and convenient to operate, these widebeam narrow boats can offer you better and a relaxed living space in which you can enjoy your holidays across the tunnels and beautiful canals of London. However equally as comfortable is accommodation in troon with plenty of facilities and things to do around the area

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Brief Description of Looks

A widebeam narrowboat looks like a slim-line cruiser with a wider front end. Though it looks narrower, it is actually really spacious and broad. The quality of the interior of these boats is apparent and they are really chic with their stylish look. Usually this type of boat is about 60 feet longer and they weigh about 25 tons. They are equipped with tiller steering that is easy to handle and it has bow thruster too.

A Perfect Living Space

These boats make a perfect living space as the widebeam narrowboat has a bigger and a better lounge. This boat can also have a well-equipped kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, a galley and even a convenient boat deck. Even for permanent dwelling, widebeam narrowboat is a perfect mobile asset with its extraordinary features that accommodates everything like a home. The tariffs of these boats for tunnel and toll crossings are also very less compared to other cruisers.

The Lounge

The lounge space offers better area for placing all furnishing essentials like leather tubs, footstools, and even perfectly integrated bar with ample accommodation facility for wine cellars and other equipment. The lounge space can also be utilized as a saloon for it can accommodates all salon essentials better.

The Galley or Kitchen

In a narrow boat with widebeam, there is more room for a spacious kitchen. This boat is hard enough to withstand granite floors and kitchen countertops. Most of boats have a fully equipped kitchen with more space for instantly installed equipment like fridge, oven and even dishwashers.

Bedrooms of a Widebeam Narrowboat

This boat can accommodate more than one bedroom. There is a spacious master bedroom and also there is space for a secondary bedroom. The master bedroom can accommodate a king size master bed and in smaller bedrooms even bunk beds can easily fit. Thus this type of boat makes a perfect choice for permanent living or vacation cruising.

Bathrooms and Outer Space

Wide beam boats are considered as fat boats but a widebeam narrowboat with a slim body line is an exception for this comment. These boats can accommodate more than two bathrooms just like bedrooms. One of the bathroom can be an ensuite one and the other a regular one. If you require a sauna in this boat, they can also be fixed with ease. But consider using barrel saunas at the exterior deck of this boat to save more space.

Fitting like basin, water storage, and even regular flushing fitting can also be easily fixed in a widebeam narrowbaot that are cost effective than other type of cruiser boats.